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Where do ferrate ions form? A dual dynamic voltammetry study

The paper authored by Á. Zsubrits, M. Kuti, É. Fekete, M. Ujvári and G. G. Láng is published in Electrochemistry Communications (2023, vol. 156, pp. 107587).

Boosting Nitrate to Ammonia Electroconversion through Hydrogen Gas Evolution over Cu-foam@mesh Catalysts

The paper authored by Y. Wang, A. Dutta, A. Iarchuk, Ch. Sun, S. Vesztergom and P. Broekmann is published in ACS Catalysis (2023, vol. 13, pp. 8169–8182).

The role of ionomers in the electrolyte management of zero-gap MEA-based CO2 electrolysers: A Fumion vs. Nafion comparison

The paper authored by M. Liu H. Hu, Y. Kong, I. Zelocualtecatl Montiel, V. Kolivoška, A. Rudnev, Y. Hou, R. Erni, S. Vesztergom and P. Broekmann is published in Applied Catalysis B: Envrionmental (2023, vol. 335, pp. 122885).

Eliminating Flooding-related Issues in Electrochemical CO₂-to-CO Converters: Two Lines of Defense

The paper authored by S. Vesztergom, A. Senocrate, Y. Kong, V. Kolivoška, F. Bernasconi, R. Zboray, C. Battaglia and P. Broekmann is published in Chimia (NCCR Catalysis special issue, 2023, vol. 77, pp. 104–109).

In situ measurement of light transmission into wine bottles and calculation of shelf life

The paper authored by Zs. Laposa, S. Vesztergom, M. Kocsis and E. Keszei is published in Oeno One (2023, vol. 57, pp. 265–277).