Eötvös Loránd University
Laboratory of Electrochemistry &
Electroanalytical Chemistry


The Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Electroanalytical Chemistry has great traditions in fundamental as well as in applied research in the field of electrochemistry. A tentative list of our research highlights is given below; however, information concerning our on-going projects may also be found on the personal websites of the individual members (see the menu on the right side).

Please browse through the website news in order to read about our recent publications.

Research highlights

  • electrochemically active surface layers, redox and electronically conducting polymers, polynuclear complexes etc., synthesis, characterization (mechanism and kinetics of charge transport, equilibria), and application (electrocatalysis, electrochromic displays, gas, potentiometric and amperometric sensors)
  • environmental electrochemistry (monitoring, extraction and decomposition of pollutants)
  • electrochemical materials science, corrosion, anodic dissolution, passivation, composite materials, electroless alloy deposits
  • electrochemical oscillations
  • molecular electrochemistry, electrochemical transformations of organic compounds
  • solid phase electrochemistry, electroanalysis of microcrystals and microdroplets
  • nanoelectrogravimetry
  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy